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COVID Precuations


At the recommendations of the Bayfield County Health Department and the Wisconsin Economic Development Council, Morty’s Pub has implemented these changes to our normal operations:

     Increased cleaning and sanitization

     Seating has been reduced by 50% with tables placed six feet apart. Please help us keep your Morty’s experience safe and healthy by keeping tables separated and in their marked locations. We are also limiting the number of guests seated at a table to six.

     We’re sorry to say that there will not be any service available at the bar at this time. Please be seated and our staff will happily come to you!

     All table condiments have been removed. Please ask and we will bring single use condiments and utensils.

     Menus are sanitized after each use and are also available online at

     Due to the challenges with keeping them sanitized, we have removed our classic video game selection.

As COVID-19 has created supply disruptions, we are experiencing significant increases to the cost of our ingredients. Unfortunately, this means we have needed to increase the prices of some menu items, and have temporarily discontinued others. As the world returns to something closer to normal, we hope to restore the menu you know and love. Until then, we appreciate your continued loyalty and support.

We are very proud of the variety of specialty beers we have served in the past, and hope to continue serving in the future. This season, however, our normal list of over 85 choices is pared to only a few dozen excellent choices.

Thank you for your understanding as we work through the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we look forward to seeing you very soon!

-Rick, Amy, and the staff of Morty’s Pub